Colin McAndrew - Keyboards

Colin first started learning piano when he was about 5 years old, achieving Grade 5 when he was 14. He then started getting more into pop/rock music, and started playing in bands. He is also self taught on guitar and plays to a good standard, and can also play bass and drums and even sing a little. As well as playing in a number of bands, he also enjoys songwriting, and has produced material in many different genres, ranging from rock/pop/dance to classical.


His musical interests are wide and varied. Although Genesis has been his favourite band for many, many years, his teenage years were more aligned with the Mod scene, listening to bands such as The Who, The Jam, The Small Faces, etc and various flavours (Motown, Stax, Atlantic, Northern) of soul music. Other big likes are Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Britpop and ska. He is also a lover of classical music, particularly solo piano (eg Satie, Bach, Mozart, Debussy) but also symphonic works, and big band/swing music.


col abacab.png

Colin first got into Genesis when playing in a covers band in the mid 1980s. The guitarist wanted the band to play Turn It On Again and leant Colin the Duke album, which he took to immediately and which is still his favourite Genesis studio album. The Abacab album then followed, after which he delved into the back catalogue, as well as continuing to get later albums as they were released. He now has an intimate knowledge of their material and has seen them in concert a number of times.


Over the last 25 years, Colin has been fortunate enough to play in a successful covers/function band, who have played hundreds of gigs, some of which have been in prestige locations such as The Science Museum in London, Woburn Abbey, MK Dons Stadium in Milton Keynes, several Oxford University Colleges, and many stately homes, as well as headline appearances at local festivals such as Parklife in Aylesbury, with an estimated crowd of well over 10,000. They also became firm favourites at local pubs and clubs, with their finale gig in December 2018 selling out in less than 48 hours!


Colin is now totally immersed in Just Genesis, having put a huge amount of work into learning the songs and setting up his keyboards to get the correct sounds, which he considers to be just as important as playing the right notes. Some of the music is technically very challenging, but also extremely rewarding to master, and in the process of learning them properly his technique has improved noticeably, to the extent that he feels he is now playing better than ever!