Chris Cox - Drums


Chris starting playing drums from a very young age when his parents made the mistake of buying him a tin drum at the age of six, which he quickly beat out of shape. This started a life long passion of all things drums and percussion.  He went on to study music and quickly became involved in various musical ensembles including orchestras, stage musicals, big bands and jazz quartets. 


It was during these younger years that he discovered Genesis when a family friend who owned a local pub lent him some Genesis albums on vinyl after Chris heard the music playing and enquired “who is this?! ‘Seconds Out’ was his first taste of Genesis and he was hooked; the sounds, the voice and of course the drumming were mesmerizing to Chris and there started a life long love of the music. He has been lucky enough to see them live three times and also Phil Collins and Steve Hackett live.

He played in several ‘rock’ cover bands during his teenage years, but it wasn’t until he joined Bustin Loose at 18 (which Colin, our keyboardist, later joined) did he really get a feel for playing with a live gigging band and the incredible feeling of hearing the crowd “Cry For More”!


Since Bustin Loose, Chris has gone on to play different styles of music with bands focusing more towards rock/fusion, jazz, blues and big band.  This included being house drummer for several well-established Oxford music venues.


Chris has honed his own style whilst always keeping his love of Genesis music and Phil Collins style of drumming at in the forefront of his mind. He practices every free moment while listening intently to the incredible nuances Collins displays when behind the kit.  


Chris was secretly delighted when Colin’s band decided to call it a day as they were both available to (finally) get together and play some Genesis material - it quickly became apparent that this dream could become a reality. Together with Colin, Chris, Mark, and Simon, Chris feels very privileged to be able to play the music of a band we all hold in such high esteem.