Just Genesis are a tribute to the hugely popular British prog-rock band, Genesis, concentrating on the period 1975 to 2022, during which Phil Collins was the lead singer, covering their many hits including Turn It On Again, Mama, Invisible Touch, Land of Confusion, Follow You Follow Me, and I Can't Dance, along with many more.


The Story So Far


Chris Cox (drums) and Colin McAndrew (keyboards) played together in a covers band called Bustin Loose in the late 1990s. Chris left around 2001, but Colin remained in the band until 2018, at which point the band decided to call it a day. After the decision was made, Colin contacted Chris to see if he was interested in getting together to play some Genesis material (as they are both huge fans of the band), something that Chris had been trying to persuade Colin to do for many years. So they met up and jammed for several hours, thoroughly enjoying themselves and it was obvious that it was working and that the idea of forming a tribute band was worth pursuing.


They had several more sessions and also started the search for other musicians to join them. Mark Milner (bass) joined and rehearsals became more regular and structured as more material was being added. Simon Fisher (guitars) joined soon after that and Chris Steele (vocals) later joined to complete the line-up.


Their first bookings were postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but since things have started getting back to normal, Just Genesis have been playing live and getting great feedback from audiences. Keep checking the gigs page and look up Just Genesis on Facebook to find out when they are playing near you!



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